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Sometimes you’ve just got to roll with it. Plus teaview – Assam , T2


Like many mums, my house is full of shit. Broken crayons which taunt you with their impossible conundrum – the incalculable length at which the item remains functional vs can I throw this out without my children noticing? (they’re like fucking anti-disposal ninjas). Clothes miraculously migrate by the dozens out of their respective hiding places and distribute themselves haphazardly around the house, usually jumping out the moment you start the fill cycle on your front loader. The seemingly calculated lego-traps scattered around the house cause a pain-scale of ten. The reason why some people don’t perceive stay at home parents as having real jobs is because we could never pass OH&S.

Having worked as a wedding photographer I learned that sometimes you just have to play the ball as it lies. You can panic, or you can just roll with it. As a photographer sometimes this means shooting through the scaffolding attached to the mid-reno church. If you’re at home pretending to be a food blogger, well, you can either avoid all the shit on your dining table, or you can just roll with it. This is my life. It’s real. Food intended to be eaten. No hot glue guns, cooled hot food or carefully piped sauce. I’m nothing if not genuine. And not without humour.

As I type this with one hand, I have a sick toddler on my lap who is intermittently biting my shoulder. It’s like being attacked by some form of snot-vampire, rolled in yogurt and lightly crumbed.

But he gives good cuddles.

Teaview – Assam, T2


This coarse-cut, Indian black tea is enjoyed by oodles of tea fanboys/girls. T2 describe it as “intense and deep”, but I found it to have more of a medium flavour. Easy drinking, deep colour, fine with milk and sugar or on its own. I wouldn’t call it overpowering. All in all it’s fine, but it doesn’t stand out to me like the other T2 brews I enjoy. I believe it plays a large part in their English Breakfast, which I’m rather ambivalent about, but it’s also present in the Morning Red black tea blend which is a staple in my pantry.

Do you like the coaster? I sewed it myself. It’s even almost sortof kinda straight. Totes rustic charm. I’m basically hipster.

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