Adventure in Daylesford

A good traveller has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.

Lao Tsu


A while back I went for a trip to foodie mecca, Daylesford, Victoria for a week and I’ve been meaning to share some pics with you.

Oddly, I didn’t do much dining out while I was there because I was visiting a friend who happens to be a brilliant cook, but I did see some of the sights and did some marvellous wandering about. And for part of it, this was my ride.


Out for morning tea, this captivating cafe was originally a butchery. They have kept the old railings and incorporated them, using them to hang lights and such.


There are none more cosmopolitan than The Cosmopolitan.



Nearby Kyneton offered some interesting sights, such as the old Kyneton hospital.



One of my favourite places we visited was the St Erth Diggers Garden.


And the cafe there was awesome. They grow their own produce and try to incorporate it into their meals. They had this house-made lemon verbena soft drink which was the absolute shiznits. Go there, if only for that! Also the scones and tea were pretty awesome too. 🙂


But one of the most memorable things about our trip was going to the magnificent Kryal Castle! Built way back in the time of knights, royalty and jousting (the 1970s. lol), Kryal Castle is a spectacle to behold! This cringe-tastic themepark allowed us many hearty laughs, beer, jousting and a bit of legit history from times of olde. On the way out I bought myself a beer cooler that says “All Ale to the Queen!”. I laughed until my crown fell off.

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