Lacy Blue plus Teaview: High Tea with Harriet’s Sunday breakfast tea and The Brewing Crate subscription

I consider lace to be one of the prettiest imitations ever made of the fantasy of nature.
Coco Chanel

I’d never much been into lacy, frilly things when I was younger. In fact, I was rather repulsed by all things girly. Even when I got married at 23 (wow, 23) I chose a dress that was in no way lacy or frilly. Now I’m not saying that I regret anything about my wedding, it was the most fun day of my life. But if we did it again tomorrow I would have a lace dress and girliness all over the place. A lot changes over time.

But, my favourite colour is still blue. 😀

Introducing my new teacup, saucer and teapot from the T2 Pearly White Collection

This beautiful ivory set with blue detail is such a pretty design. You might have fallen in love with them upon seeing this, but you’ll be disappointed to know that they sold out of all the blue pieces pretty much immediately. I got the last teacup in this design from my local T2 store and when I went back a week later thinking to perhaps buy the other blue design as well they were flush out. The staff were not able to tell me whether they will be receiving anymore, but I imagine the powers that be should be interested in how quickly this particular run sold out. After the popularity of the Tealidescope range they ended up doing a second run in different colours, so perhaps we might see more here.

Anywho, I call this set “Lacy Blue” which sounds like Beyonce’s latest baby, or perhaps a porn star. Delightful to use but I *would* have preferred the cup and/or teapot to be proportioned differently. The cup is rather large which isn’t a problem in itself, but the matching teapot came in one size and it’s very much a single-serve kind of pot. I drink a lot of tea solo, but I did decide not to buy the other blue teacup design, because if I was having tea with a friend we couldn’t use the teapot because it’s just too small to serve two very large teacups.

Teaview: Sunday Tea – High Tea with Harriet, Brewing Crate

I was enticed into getting a tea subscription with Brewing Crate. It’s a personalised service which takes your tea-drinking habits and preferences and then sends you tea at intervals of your choosing. Since I could cancel or modify my subscription at any time, I thought I’d give it a go.

This was my first, very exciting package. High Tea with Harriet is a brand I’d seen floating around on Instagram but with all the tea brands out there I might never have been in a position to try it.

Sunday tea is a flavoursome, boisterous brew!

According to the High Tea with Harriet website, Sunday tea is “a traditional recipe of the East Frisian people from the Northern coast of Germany. A delicious blend of beautifully full-bodied, premium Assam teas with a splash of real Madagascan vanilla pieces, which enhance the lovely malty flavour of the tea.”.

I wasn’t sure what I thought of this tea for starters. I’ve had quite my fill of vanilla teas and I’m generally not charmed by anything desserty. But I’ve decided that I’m quite fond of this deep, malty blend with the Real vanilla component. I enjoy this tea. I even drink it on days other than Sunday. I’m a rebel like that. Great with milk/soy and a tinsy bit of sugar, if so inclined.

As for the subscription, it seems like a really good way to try a variety of different teas from different vendors. The not having to think too hard about it certainly appeals, and it’s a lot more affordable than I’d thought it would be. There were a couple of snafus with my second order which were attributed to teething problems with new ordering software, but after alerting them to the problem things were politely sorted out and taken care of. So overall I’d say that I’m quite satisfied with the service, particularly after the latest shipment! But that’s a teaview for another time. 😉

As a side, do you like my new milk pourer? “That must be expensive!” – I hear you say.

Kmart has two for $3. Win.

Have you found any awesome buys of late?

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