Look what I got! Plus teaview – Keemun, T2


I have new shiny! After hoarding a voucher given to me by a friend for what has probably been forever, I finally found The One. This cast iron beauty is from the unfortunately named Rich Fruity Booty range from T2. I was immediately struck by its white on gold rough finish and modern take on the traditional Japanese teapot. The chunky cast iron keeps the tea lovely and hot. It’s 550mL, and fills these glasses four times over, and a mug twice.


I had been umming and ahhing about this pot for a while, but part of what tipped me over the edge were these gorgeous Moroccan inspired white and black tea glasses. I think teaming them together with the teapot looks marvellous and when I saw them I knew I was walking out with them if I had to sell my firstborn (but frankly, today I’d give them two for one). The raised paint on them introduces an interesting tactile element to the experience. Being single-walled glass they do get very hot, but once they’ve cooled a little I love wrapping my hands around them, soaking in the sensory.



So considering I spent a ridiculous, unreasonable yet totally worth it sum of money, they offered me a free box of tea. So then came Keemun. And what a gorgeous tea to christen my teaware with!

Keemun is a Chinese tea (from the Anhui Province, and I’m sure that means something to someone out there. Personally I don’t know my Chinese provinces from breakfast) and is one of the components of one of my favourite T2 blends, Morning Red. This tea is a brilliant copper colour with a rich, sweet flavour. I have it with sugar and soy, because that’s what I do with most black teas. I’m quite happy for this tea to take a permanent place on my shelf. Right now I could marry it. Or maybe I could put some in the white glass and some in the black glass and make it marry itself. Dum dum dah duuuum!


4 thoughts on “Look what I got! Plus teaview – Keemun, T2

  1. Hooray!!!

    I lurve tea but didn’t know it could be quite that exciting. As a “got any blacker” girl I also didn’t “get” the white tea glass until I saw it filled. However, I still don’t “get” tea glasses. Small & hot to handle?

    1. They are small, but like any fancy little teacup it’s about the elegance and not the functionality.
      But I suppose from a functionality aspect, keeping it in the pot for longer keeps it warm for longer?

      They are hot to handle, but I like wrapping my hands around them once it cools a little. The raised paint on them introduces an interesting tactile element to the experience. I should edit that into the post actually…

    1. Lol, I know, right? Although my loyalty is thin, if anyone wants to send me tea I’ll blog the hell out of it. 😛

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