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Night Time Decadence. Teaview – Red Choc Mint (Rooibos) – T2


Sometimes late at night I crave that pot of tea. The comfort, the warmth, the savour. But not all of us do too well with the sleep thing after drinking caffeine. The solution? Rooibos. More specifically, T2’s Red Choc Mint.

Is it desert? Is it tea? There’s no caffeine? Is that even allowed?!


For new players Rooibos comes from the Rooibos plant which grows in Africa. It’s not tea leaves, but it has a flavour different but reminiscent of black tea. I’m not much into herbals, but I find this a lovely substitute, and all the more exciting when it smells like a GOD DAMNED MINT SLICE BICKIE!! I’m not even kidding. Especially delicious to enjoy with these dark choc Timtams. Naturally, I use them like a straw. Because that’s the best way to drink tea.

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