Canisters, hand fans and teaware! Oh my!

Some people collect stamps. Shoes. Handbags. Comic books. Ears in a jar.   I collect teaware and paper hand fans from Japan. So when a lovely friend of mine took a much-envied trip to Japan recently (Her journey here) I asked if she minded bringing me back a paper hand fan. WELL. She scoured the streets of Kyoto and found me this gorgeous shimmering little delight.


But when my parcel arrived there was something else!

IMG_4063 (2)

Isn’t it pretty?? What a gorgeous paper covered canister. And it’s filled with single serves of Matcha! You wish you were me.

So I figured what better time to test out my new T2 cup and saucer.


This is the Oriental Crane Blue Peacock Cup & Saucer from T2’s new Japanese origami-inspired range of teaware which has been brought out for their Matcha Month. I think the saucer is the shiznits. It’s a generous sized cup with a little weight to it. It’s pleasant to use.

I decided to test out the tea from my new canister, and with little experience in Matcha I wasn’t sure what to expect.

IMG_4103 (2)

I was quite surprised. This brew had a slight sweetness to it which I hadn’t experienced with my previous adventures with green tea. It was smooth and easy to drink. My cup was gone before I realised, which must be a good sign. I’m happy that there’s more!

Now if someone could just bring me a Matcha kit, that would be tops. 😛 I’m getting a bit of a thing for blue glazed Matcha bowls…

What do you enjoy collecting? How big is your collection?

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