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Giftmas, new tea set, choc-coconut balls and Teaview – White-White Cocoa, T2


Hello internet peeps! The Giftmas season is crazy, is it not? But fortunately there is food, booze and tea to get us through. It didn’t occur to me to take photos of any of the festival of gluttony, but perhaps you’ll forgive me if I unwrap a present with you.

I scored myself a lovely-ly wrapped gift from my husband. He made happy use of the T2 giftwrapping service! The paper this summer sure is colourful!


Inside was this lovely glass with gold print teapot and tea glasses, from the T2 Babylon Blossoms series. I just love the shape of the pot, which is unlike anything I own. It’s also quite a bit bigger than my other pots, about 1.5L. That said the infuser is so epic that you could probably just brew a cup’s worth! Seriously, how freaking huge is it?

IMG_3532 (2)

I look forward to using it for iced teas over the summer!

Anywho, I gave it a test run today and made myself a pot of T2’s White White Cocoa.


The first thing I was struck by when I opened this tea was the smell. OMG. Amazing. White tea, cocoa bean husks and big chunks of coconut… Gimmie gimmie gimmie! My husband however insisted that it smells like ants, because coconut smells a bit like ants. What The Tapdancing Fuck.

So 80 degrees for 6 minutes got me this beautiful pale brew.


And it was absolute heaven. Seriously, it usually takes me a bit to stray from the usual sugar and milk enabled tea, but this didn’t feel like it needed a thing. Smooth, sweet, chocolatey coconut deliciousness! I haven’t had much in the way of white tea before, but whatever is going on here is awesome. I guess there’s a reason why it’s $24 a cube.

As my fortunes would have it, I had some left over choc coconut balls from Giftmas to pair with it and that made the experience all the more awesome!


I base the recipe on this one at Taste except I omit the glace cherries, because just like my highschool boyfriend The Chad, I’m just not that into them. A warning that the mix goes dry pretty quickly, so work fast, but they are really simple and a huge crowd pleaser.

While I’m here, I got another very pretty gift from family. This gorgeous blue bowl.


Isn’t she beautiful? It’s one of those cases where I’m not really sure whether I should actually serve food in this thing or if it’s just for show. I do love it though.

Did the Yule Goat bring you anything special?

IMG_3597 (2)


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