Secret Santa has my number. Plus Teaview – Ayurvedic Tea Chai, T2


Guess who got a new tea set? I did! This lantern-inspired light green pot plus two cups, as well as a few more goodies arrived in the mail recently. Win! So obviously I had to christen it and document the event. My dilemma was which tea to christen it with? I decided T2’s Ayurvedic Chai was a suitable fit, because a special gift deserves a special tea!

T2’s website tells me that Ayurvedic chai contains white tea, green tea, cinnamon pieces, lemongrass, coconut chips, ginger pieces, pineapple pieces, star anise, pepper rose, cardamom seed, black pepper, cloves & flavour. It’s a beautiful-looking blend, as you can see.


The little pink peppercorns are a beautiful contrast with the green I think. And how cute and unusual are the cups? The pot fills them more than four times over.


90 degrees for 5-7 (6 in this case) minutes gets you this lovely light coloured brew with a delicious scent.

Now look, I’m not a huge green tea fan. But I AM a chai fan. I fucking love chai. And this blend quite easily wins me over. Ayurvedic, whose name I’ve no idea how to pronounce, apparently translates as life-science, according to the T2 website. Some almost-health-claims are danced around. As a food and nutrition scientist, this grates on me with the efficiency of the latest infomercial vegetable slicer. So I’ll stick to the taste, shall I?


There’s warmth and complexity in this brew. The spicy but smooth, despite the lack of milk that I’m so fond of where it comes to my regular chai. The flavours don’t mask the green/white tea flavours but rather seem to marry with them. I think it does my new tea set justice.

But one of the best bits contained in my very personalised present was the funniest and best teatowel ever. Excuse the camera phone pic.


Best ever.

Thankyou my Sexy Secret Santa, whoever you are!

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