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Christmas time is here! Teaview: T2 Ginger Spice, and cinnamon star bickies


Christmas, or Annual Gift Day as I like to call it, is rapidly approaching. Am I ready? Hell no. But I’ve done a couple of the most important things. I’ve put the tree up in all its plastic glory. This petrochemical masterpiece has been masterfully decorated in a lop-sided manner by my three year old and I’ve gracefully left it be because some things are more important than my OCD (at least that’s what I tell myself). I have not bought all the undies and socks. I haven’t mailed my cards to those few who still enjoy the non-vibratory buzz that you get when you receive something by snail mail. But I have done something very important – some Christmas baking!

I made one of my favourites, cinnamon stars. You can find the recipe here on Taste These lovely, simple bickies are a snap to prepare. Much like shortbread and go marvellously with a cup of tea. So since I baked, I must blog. And since there are bickies, there must be tea. And upon deciding that none of my tea was Christmasy enough the solution was obvious Рbuy more tea.


So off I went to T2 to fetch some Ginger Spice, which I’d been thinking about ever since a lovely fellow made me up a sample in store a couple of weeks ago. This lively brew is a gorgeous honey colour, which a well-rounded mix of flavours. Each sip starts with a warming ginger flavour and finishes with sweet cinnamon. Now I’ve never been a ginger girl (and certainly not a Ginger Spice Girl) but I find myself coming around to it more recently. But this tea. This tea. Ermagerd.


Of course since I was at T2 it was important that I look closely at all the teaware. I found this beautiful painted teaglass and couldn’t part with it. I also found an opportunity to put my Better Homes and Gardens magazine wrapping paper to use! It didn’t magically transform into a hand-crafted Christmas decoration, but it did help decorate my tea photos. Maybe I could buy myself more tea and wrap it up! I’m a mum, we do that, don’t we?


The bickies paired perfectly with the tea, to which I added milk and sugar but you could easily drink it without. The main problem is that you end up in an endless tea-bickie cycle.

I’ll have some tea. That way I can has bickies.

I’m going to have a bickie, guess I should have a cup of tea.

I’ll have some tea. That way I can has bickies.

I’m going to have a bickie, guess I should have a cup of tea.

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