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A spot of tea with Great Uncle Jack. Teaview – London Breakfast, T2



When I was little I had a great uncle, named Jack. He was the kindest elderly man, and he adored me. I don’t remember a lot about him, but I do remember that he was always really happy to see me, always having time to listen to what I had to say, and that he used to say he loved my smile.

When he died he left me a teacup, saucer and plate because despite the protests of relatives, he wanted to leave me something. It had been hiding away in boxes and cupboards most of my life and now it’s finally being put to use. It’s Royal Vale bone china for anyone in the know. I don’t know what sort of tea Uncle Jack enjoyed, but I thought some smokey London Breakfast might make a suitable drop to toast to my Great Uncle Jack.


T2’s London Breakfast is a gorgeous, smoky brew. It’s not overwhelming like Russian Caravan can be, still allowing the black tea flavours to come through. It’s the kind of tea which while drinking in a fancy cup, makes you feel like a refined gentleman/woman rather than the overtired parent knee-deep in snotty tissues and dirty socks.


London breakfast is robust and I drink it with a good helping of milk and sugar. Would be beautiful in winter with a solid, artery-clogging old style English breakfast with the lot, or with some good shortbread. In this case I had it with a lemon tart from Bakers Delight because I was there that morning. The tart photographs well enough but I’m afraid it has nothing on home made. As my husband said “It just makes me crave PROPER lemony baked goods.”.


I’m still rather partial to their apple and custard scrolls though.

So wherever you are today, please raise a cup to my Great Uncle Jack. Kind man, small gestures, big imprint.

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