I could make love to this cup of tea.


I like tea. And by “I like tea” I mean I love tea. And by “I love tea” I mean that my affinity for tea borders on fetish.

A friend of mine and I have this saying. “I could make love to this cup of tea.”. We were once very hung over after a night of teenage shenanigans, and upon having my first sip of a cup of tea I announced with breathy exaltation “I could make love to this cup of tea!”. My friend looked at me like I was a mad person. Then she took the first sip of her own cup of tea, and let out an orgasmic sigh of her own. She knew exactly what I meant.

For me, tea is life-giving. It can awaken, enliven, soothe, settle and satiate. There’s a tea for every mood.

I find tea therapeutic. I now know this as “mindfulness” and “sensory grounding”, although I was practising it before I knew it had a name. I love to sit and watch as the dried leaves infuse colour throughout the water. Pale gold, copper, bronze or earthen red swirling, tendrils reaching out to touch the warmth. The scents and heat rising. It’s a sensory haven.

Tell me. How do you take your brew?

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